BBC Kyrgyz Service Documentary on Mine Reclamation

January 22, 2020 Off By Ariell

BBC Kyrgyz Service (Part of BBC World Service) has filmed a 30 minute documentary on reclamation issues in Chatkal and Ala-Buka. The short film was aired on the National Channel of Kyrgyzstan. The documentary focuses on areas along the Kassan-Sai river, where the land has not been restored after mining. Journalists spoke to local residents, government officials and experts on what led to this post-mining management crisis. Oxford University Senior Research Associate Dr. Troy Sternberg talked about his experience in Ala-Buka, when he visited the area during a field research. Dr. Sternberg advised Kyrgyzstan to pay attention to international norms when it comes to reclamation. Since each government structure end up blaming one another, the documentary concludes that mining companies are using the loopholes within the law and that the Kyrgyz government seems to be focusing on socio-economic benefits of mining rather than environmental issues and its negative impact to the local population.